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This has been tested to work on Windows and Linux x86. It should also work on OSX and any other platform supported by DMD, but has not been tested.

Required DMD 2.052 or newer (LDC/GDC are untested, and only partial support for DMD 2.057)
Required SemiTwist D Tools - tag 'goldie-v0.8' (Bundled with Goldie's official prebuilt releases)
Optional DVM (D Version Manager)
Optional Programmer's Notepad 2 (ie, PN2 Project files are included)
Optional JsonViewer (Bundled with Goldie)
Optional Other Tools


Digital Mars D Compiler (DMD) v2.052 or newer

Reference compiler for the D Programming Language.

The Goldie Beginner's Tutorial has instructions for downloading and installing DMD (using DVM).

LDC (on OSX or Linux) or GDC might work, but I haven't tried.

The version of Goldie has been tested with DMD versions 2.052 through 2.056. On DMD 2.057, dynamic-style works, but not static-style or grammar compiling due to DMD Issue #7375.

If you want to try to build Goldie's tools with LDC or GDC, you'll need to pass -x:--compiler=ldmd or -x:--compiler=gdmd into semitwist-stbuild and modify SemiTwist D Tool's batch/shell buildscripts to pass --compiler=ldmd or --compiler=gdmd into RDMD.

If you want to try to build Goldie's tools with DMD 2.054 or older, see this note.


SemiTwist D Tools - tag 'goldie-v0.8'

This is a set of tools and a library for D. The library is required by Goldie. Also included in SemiTwist D Tools is STBuild which can be used to build Goldie's tools and sample apps. SemiTwist D Tools is bundled with Goldie's official prebuilt releases.


DVM (D Version Manager)

You can use this simple tool to easily install DMD. The Goldie Beginner's Tutorial explains how.

DVM is great because it also makes it easy to have multiple versions of DMD installed and switch between them.


Programmer's Notepad 2

Optional, but the included project files are for Programmer's Notepad 2, so it could help if you want to work with Goldie's source. Note, the *.ppg files are the main project files (the *.pnproj files are secondary).



A specially-modified version of JsonViewer is bundled with Goldie, although it's not officially part of Goldie.

See the JsonViewer page for more information on this tool.


Other Tools

Additional tools which may be useful for Goldie users can be found on the Other Tools page.