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If You Use Git Master

Users of the official Goldie releases can safely ignore these notes. If you don't know what "Git master" is, then don't worry about it, these notes don't apply to you.

It's recommended that you use the official Goldie releases instead of Git master. However, if you do wish to use master, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • The documentation, both online and in the master, may be out-of-date for you.

  • The built-in static-style languages may need to be rebuilt (do this by running the makeBuiltinStaticLangs script).

  • Master may be frequently broken on anything except Windows, 32-bit, and whatever version of DMD I happen to be using (usually the latest official DMD release). This is because, to save time, I usually only test against the various platforms and DMD versions right before an official Goldie release. But if it's broken and that's a problem for you, file a ticket and I'll try to take care of it.

    I do participate in the DMD Beta list, so whenever a new DMD is released, chances are that Goldie's Git master will already work with it.

  • ** IMPORTANT **: You'll need to use whatever revision of SemiTwist D Tools was most recent when your revision of Goldie was committed. Just remember: Whenever you pull the latest Goldie master, you should also pull the latest SemiTwist D Tools master (and vice versa).

  • Of course, all the usual caveats and potential problems of using bleeding-edge development versions of software apply.

If you're ok with all of this, then feel free to use Goldie's Git master.