If Git cares about speed so much...

...then why is GitHub so goddamn slow? Even compared to BitBucket it's a dog.

LaunchPad is wonderfully zippy, much more than any of the others. It's unfortunate that LaunchPad's interface is so messy.

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  1. (Guest) 42
    2012-01-08 15:06

    Seriously ?
    GitHub is a site (I am not sure , but I think it's created with ROR)
    Git is a version control system.
    GitHub is just an interface to the existing data.
    Its speed has nothing to do with Git
    Don't bash everything

  2. 2012-01-11 16:03

    It's a site designed *specifically* for *Git* users working with *Git*. You'd think it would have similar values and goals instead of throwing away one of Git's major selling points.

    As far as bashing everything, that's what I *do* on this site! ;) It's a pressure release valve.

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