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You're Surprised...Why?

So apparently there's a big news story about a professional [American] Football player who's (gasp!) gay.

I could say "who the hell cares?", but that, frankly, goes without saying. Let's start congratulating people for being lefties! "Wow, you like sausage pizza better than pepperoni? You're sooo brave!"

If I were gay I'd be deeply insulted by all that patronizing congratulatory bullshit. It's not wonderful, it's a plain old fucking preference, dipshits, get over it. There's too goddamn many straights out there retarded enough to think they have to celebrate something in order to not hate it. Fucking morons.

So forget "He's gay? So the fuck what?", because there's a bigger question lingering here:

In an industry famous for male-exclusivity and locker room butt-slaps, this "news" is surprising...why exactly?

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Not-A-Chef's Food Guide: Leftovers CAN be good!

Leftover meals tend to be shunned as being mediocre at best. However, I'd argue most of the blame lies not with food being "leftover", but with its traditional reheating method: the microwave.

I love and use microwaves as much as anyone. Heck, probably more. For many things they do a perfectly adequate job. But for some foods, such as fish, or eggs, or most leftovers, microwaves will destroy edibility and are best avoided.

If you're a quick-food microwave addict like me, then next time you have leftovers, try reheating with the stove or the oven. For mere reheating (as opposed to preparing a full meal), it's not as much time and trouble as it would seem, and it makes a world of difference.

The rule for good leftovers: No microwave!

One small caveat: Cheese melts very poorly in the oven (it gets dry) unless there's a sauce or other liquid involved. Pizza in the oven? No problem. Enchiladas or French Onion Soup? Sure! Melt some cheese on tortilla chips? No, just use the microwave (and then stick to salad the rest of the day...)

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Unity3D Supports All .NET/CLR/Mono Languages

I've noticed there's a very common belief in the community that Unity3D can be used with exactly three languages: C#, JavaScript and Boo. (Well, plus C++ if you count Unity's "native plugins" - but there are various issues with that.)

That myth needs to be dispelled.

Yes, Unity only claims to support those specific languages, but the fact is, Unity knows nearly jack about any of them. It knows how to invoke their compilers, but that's about it. What Unity does know however, is Mono. Mono is what Unity uses for scripting, not C#, not JavaScript, not Boo.

Mono, of course, is an alternate implementation of .NET's CLR and libraries. As such, Mono, and therefore Unity3D, will happily run software written in any CLR/.NET/Mono-based language. Such as F# or VB.NET or Nemerle. Personally, I use Nemerle for my Unity work.

So how do you do it? Two steps:

1. Compile your code to a .NET assembly using any compiler for any .NET/CLR/Mono language you dang well choose.

2. Put the resulting DLL into your Unity project's Assets folder.


And thanks to the metadata embedded into .NET assemblies, even your public fields will still show up, fully editable as ever, in the Unity editor.

Just because the Create Asset menu only shows C#, JavaScript and Boo doesn't mean that's all you can use. My car stereo lacks a button for "Play Duran Duran" and yet their Rio disc works just fine. Amazing!

On a related note: People, just because Unity automatically launches MonoDevelop when you tell it to edit your code, doesn't mean you actually have to use MonoDevelop to edit your code. Don't like MonoDevelop? Fine. Use something else. Pretty simple solution, huh? (Don't know how? Then I suggest starting with this. You may think I'm joking, but you'd be surprised how many professional programmers don't know how to use a computer.) Personally, I use Programmer's Notepad 2 for code editing, but there are plenty of choices out there.

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MTP, MSC and Google iOS

If you work at either Google or Microsoft and you have had any hand in MTP or the demise of Android's MSC, then you deserve to die. Fuck you and go to hell.

And to all those employed by Google and Microsoft: Quit trying to be Apple, you worthless goddamn subhuman shits.

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A Decade Plus Later and HTML/CSS is Still Schizophrenic Crapware

After more than a decade of web development, I'm of the firm belief that HTML and CSS are fundamentally flawed dog shit and in desperate need of a ground-up replacement. And no, HTML5 does nothing to change my mind.

There are many, many reasons for this and I won't attempt to build a full case right now, but here's the latest bit of HTML "fun" I've hit:


<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <div style="width: 90%"> <table> <tr> <td>Short</td> <td> A little bit of text. Mobile browsers use small font. </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Long</td> <td> Lots of text. Mobile browsers use big font. Lots of text. Mobile browsers use big font. Lots of text. Mobile browsers use big font. Lots of text. Mobile browsers use big font. Lots of text. Mobile browsers use big font. Lots of text. Mobile browsers use big font. </td> </tr> </table> </div> </body> </html>

Notice there is nothing to change font sizes. And yet, when viewed in various popular mobile browsers (such as the Android versions of Firefox and Chrome) not only is the basic font size absurdly small - much smaller than the browser's normal default, but ONE of the cells uses a completely different font size than the rest!:

(click to enlarge)

And no, setting [-whatever]-text-size-adjust: 100% doesn't fix this issue, nor does explicitly setting all font sizes to 1em.

Safari on iPhone, as is typical for Apple, also has it's own...uhh, "creative" interpretation of basic sense: The different columns use different font sizes.

Seriously, what the fuck?! And people actually want to write their applications in HTML?

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Everyone's Making Their Own Game System Now!

Found this image rather amusing (from the PS3's "What's new" section).

Sooo...I guess the PlayStation 4 is being released from Taco Bell, not Sony. Gotta love awkward wording :)

(And yes, that is taken from an SD CRT. I know. Shaddup ;) )

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